About Busy Bean

Busy Bean Kids craft and activities was born out of a need for something to do to keep my very own little busy bean busy! I struggled to find many kids crafts and activities that were practical for her age and what I did find involved having to buy huge quantities of pipe cleaners and craft sticks when I only needed 1 or 2 and the rest would end up being stored away for “later” and eventually chucked away.

The Craft Buckets were a great solution for this, with everything you need to complete your crafts found in one simple, easy to carry and pack away bucket. The DIY craft kits make each craft simple to understand and include everything that you need. No extra mess, no fuss, no need to spend ages preparing and then discovering you are missing a key part. Just good fun!

Since then we’ve grown in leaps and bounds as moms have approached us looking for a various other kids crafts and activities that they were struggling to find too, especially educational activities. Busy Bags were the perfect complement to our arts and crafts activities, providing fun and resourceful ways of keeping kids busy and learning!

Our Craft BucketsCraft Kits, Busy Bags, and arts and craft supplies are designed for all age ranges and skill levels – loads of fun for everyone with stunning crafts and activities to enjoy!

If you don’t see something that you love, get in touch with us and we’ll custom make you a Busy Bean Bucket or Busy Bag!

Our products in a nutshell:

Busy Bean Buckets

Craft Buckets

Craft Buckets are our speciality and contain 5 DIY Craft Kits that each makes 1 completed craft. Everything needed to complete the craft can be found neatly packaged in a sealed zip lock bag, ready for use at any time.

The DIY Craft Kits can be bought individually or in bulk too and can be customised or created to suit any theme, so they make great party favours!

Art Buckets

The Busy Bean Art Bucket is the perfect accompaniment with our 40m Paper Rolls, they contain Paintbrushes, Paint, Chalk and Crayons – a great starter kit for any budding little artist!

Craft Boxes & Paper

Craft boxes come in 3 sizes to suit any budget or need .From Beginner to Deluxe, you will find a wide range of art and craft supplied in a clip lock box that stores away easily. A great way to get crafting at home!

We also sell giant rolls of paper that is perfect for all arts and crafts. These rolls are 40m long (860mm wide) and are white bond paper, just like you’d use for your printer.

Busy Bags

Pre-School Busy Bag (Recommended age 2-6 years)

Pre-School Busy Bags have 6 activities :
– Train Colour and Shape Sorter Activity
– Threading Shape Activity
– Dizzy Disc Construction Activity
– Nuts & Bolts Logic and Reasoning Activity
– Caterpillar and Circles Colours and Grouping Activity
– 5 Double Sided Laminated Tracing Sheets with whiteboard marker for writing skills

All in a zipper/velcro bag for easy pack up and transportation, perfect for any quiet times or when you’re out somewhere and need something to keep the kids busy.
The Pre-School Busy Bag activities are designed to grow with your child as their skill levels develop and they can achieve more and more with the bag.

They come in red, yellow, blue or green.

Body Busy Bag (Recommended age 4+)

Body Busy Bags are a great way to teach kids all about the human body and their senses!

This kit contains:
– A Felt Board
– 2 sets of felt shapes (Face and Body)
– 3 Double sided, re-usable worksheets with marker pen
– Body Flash Cards

Packed in a zipper/velcro bag for easy pack up and transportation, perfect for any quiet times or when you’re out somewhere and need something to keep the kids busy.

S.T.E.M Busy Bag (Recommended age 6+)

S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities.
Are so important for teaching children about the way the world around them works. Science is everywhere; Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives.
Engineering is the basic designs of roads and bridges and buildings, but also the basic understanding of spatial awareness and how things fit together. Mathematics is in every activity we do in our lives, from measuring amounts in a recipe to counting your change at the shop. By exposing children to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will develop a greater understanding of how things work in their world.

S.T.E.M bags contain a number of fun S.T.E.M activities:

  • Building Blocks & activities (Displacement, Technology, Building, Fractions)
  • Construction Sticks (Engineering, Technology, Geometric Shapes, Building)
  • Counter Blocks (Stacking, Basic Mathematical Operations)
  • Catapult Craft (Engineering, Science, Maths)
  • Balloon Rocket Craft (Engineering, Science, Maths)
  • Slime! (Science)

We’re so proud to have partnered with Alice’s Wonder Slime for the amazing slime that we use in these bags.
Alice is 8 years old and in collaboration with her Wonder Mom they have tried and tested slime recipes until they developed this wonder slime which is wonderful!
You won’t find anything else like it anywhere!

For more information please visit their website and get in touch with them.